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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Morocco

North Africa’s Morocco is a popular destination, attracting culture lovers, backpackers, adventure travelers, couples, families, foodies, and more. Here are the ultimate reasons why Morocco is a great place for everyone.

1 – Old Imperial Cities With Plenty of History and Character

Morocco has four imperial cities: Marrakesh, Fes, Meknes, and Rabat. Rabat is the current capital city. Although a modern city at first glance, it has several interesting historical attractions, such as the Kasbah of the Oudaias, the old medina, and the Hassan Tower. The gleaming Royal Mausoleum is also well worth a visit.

Known as the Red City, Marrakesh is famous for its old medina, numerous souks, ancient palaces like Badi Palace and Bahia Palace, the striking Koutoubia Mosque, the energetic Djemaa el-Fna, and the Saadian Tombs. The former capital of Fes boasts plenty of stunning architecture, though it is perhaps most known for its large tanneries and for being home to one of the oldest universities in the world. Meknes has one of the most impressive monumental gates in all of Morocco, Bab el-Mansour. Horse drawn carriages are a great way to explore the charming and relaxed imperial city.

2 – Gorgeous Beaches Along the Stretching Coastlines

Morocco has beaches along both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. There are many lovely beaches to relax on. Popular holiday spots with foreign visitors include Tangier and Agadir, while Asilah attracts mainly locals and Spanish visitors. Although fairly under-visited by international tourists, places like El Jadida, Oualidia, and El Jebha see significant numbers of domestic tourists during the summer months. The most popular beaches typically have great facilities within easy reach, and some destinations, such as Essaouria, are perfect for lovers of water sports.

3 – Diverse Mountain Ranges Appeal to Fans of the Outdoors

Morocco’s Atlas Mountains have three separate ranges: the High Atlas, the Middle Atlas, and the Anti Atlas. Each offers a variety of hiking experiences for people of all experience and skill levels. Jbel Toubkal is the country’s highest mountain, located in the High Atlas Mountains. Easily reached from Marrakesh, the soaring giant attracts many outdoor lovers all year round. The Rif Mountains, in the north of the country and close to the blue city of Chefchaouen, are also great for outdoor adventures. Hiking, mountain biking, and horse riding are among the attractions people can enjoy in Morocco’s mountains, as well as visiting Berber villages, bird spotting, and seeing local wildlife.

4 – Easy Access to the Stunning Sahara Desert

The vast and arid Sahara Desert is the world’s largest hot desert. There are several places in Morocco from where you can begin expeditions into the desert, and there are plenty of experienced operators offering trips to remember. Whether you want to trek by foot, ride on the back of a hardy camel, explore by horseback, or sail across the sands in a four-wheel drive, there are various ways to enjoy the impressive landscapes. Camping trips are popular; marvel at the abundance of twinkling stars in the dark night skies, devoid of any light pollution, and listen to the sounds of nothingness. The sight of large dunes and remote oases will linger for a long time.

Merzouga, Erg Chebbi, Chegaga, and Zagora are some of the best places to venture into the Moroccan Sahara. Ouarzazate, commonly referred to as the doorway to the desert, is a fabulous destination for both culture and film lovers, with one of the country’s most impressive kasbahs that have featured in many movies.

5 – Excellent Shopping at the Vibrant Souks

Every major city and town in Morocco has at least one souk, with most larger settlements having more than one. Souks are traditional marketplaces where locals go to buy an array of wares. In some areas, souks may set up on particular days of the week, while the markets are held daily in other places. The souks have become something of a magnet for shopping-loving travelers, drawn by the evocative colors and scents and the overall sense of the exotic. Haggling is part and parcel of the souk experience. Common items to peruse and buy include spices, clothing, lamps, tea sets, musical instruments, and shisha pipes, as well as a range of souvenirs in more touristy destinations.

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  1. Anna Tarbet

    I had the most wonderful trip with this Travel Agent. We visited such places of astonishing beauty and we learned about the culture of these gentle, kind people.
    Always staying in very good hotels we were able to enjoy great Moroccan cuisine and were always treated with the finest hospitality.
    The Tour Guide we had was excellent and told us about all aspects of Moroccan society I’m sure we could have taken a degree and passed! We went beyond the main attractions and were able to see some very surprising hidden jewels.
    I thoroughly recommend Perfect Trip Morocco; it might even change you life.

  2. George Williamson

    We had a representative of this company who gave us a tour to Marrakech. We are so thankful as we were nervous about being one of very few English speakers at our hotel, however had nothing to worry about as the language was almost fluent. In a small group, we learned more than we would ever have thought – always asking questions and getting detailed responses. Amazing city, so much to see & this trip is very well organised! 10/10 recommend.

  3. Nancy Meerschout

    I thank Mohammed for the nice trip in Marrakech. We went with a little group what was better because we visited more and learned more about the culture of the inlanders. We’ve teasted the food we drunk fresh oranges…we saw the souks and even got the time to buy there something. I had the oportunity to take a little massage and saw how they make their argan oil. The coolest thing was that Mohammed took us to the market that evening to see Marrakech for real. Thumbs up for this organistion, i had a nice time.

  4. Noel de Guzman

    I have been to more than 30 countries and Mohammed is the best guide I ever had. His team is excellent in providing the historical, cultural and social perspective of each place we visited. He has a great command of English and will get out of his way to make sure his clients feel like a VIP. As a photographer, he would also suggest the best place or spot to take a great photo. He also took us to amazing spots not usually frequented by tourists. We had a great time in Morocco. Thanks to Mohammed and his team.

  5. Werner Boden

    We met Mohammed on an organized group trip. We immediatly saw he was a passionate guy with a great love for his country. We booked a private tour to Marrakesh and he didn’t dissapoint us : a whole day with a luxurious BMW 7 series from Agadir to Marrakesh. We saw things that many tourists will never see. His company, his explanations of culture and history, his fexibility where awesome. We had a great time.
    We booked a second trip, also with the car, from Agadir to Taroudant via Tafraout an Tiznit back tot Agadir. Great road trip through the Atlas, awesome scenery.
    Both trips at a very sharp prices.
    In both cases he organized lunch and diner in tipicaly Moroccan restaurants. Great food and great company.
    If we come back to Morocco we will surely book ‘Perfect trip Morocco’ again. They make their name come true.

    Werner from Belgium

  6. Lim Pek Chin

    We spent 6 nights in Morroco and Mohammed was our guide. He was the best guide we ever met and took good care of us. He loves his country very much and explained to us in great details about his country culture and history to us. On top of that he is a great photoprapher and helped us to take pictures. He took us to Morrocan restaurant and ordered nice food for us. Overall we really enjoyed our trip to Morroco. A big thank you to Mohammed, our guide and the driver also by the name of Mohammed.

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